19-20 inch VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light Filter for Computer Monitor. Blue Light Monitor Screen Protector Panel (17.3 x 10.8 inch)

Vizomax TV screen protector has the following applications: LCD TV screen protector, LED TV screen protector, Plasma TV screen protector, flat screen TV screen protector. Our premium Plasma / LCD / LED TV Screen Protector blocks 96% to 99% of the harmful UV radiation. Our antiglare LED TV screen protector, LCD TV Screen Protectors and plasma TV screen protector block over 99% of harmful UV emissions. Anti-scratch on our premium and antiglare TV screen protectors prevents easy scratching from abuse and children activities. Our TV screen protectors have increased 1/4 inch thickness that both ensures sufficient screen protection and prevents the Vizomax TV screen protector from flexing in front of the TV display. Vizomax TV screen protectors are manufactured to fit Sony, Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sanyo, Vizio, Panasonic, Philips, RCA, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Emerson, Pioneer, Hitachi, Insignia, Magnavox, Element, Haier, Sylvania, Viore, Seiki, AOC, Proscan, Apex, Sceptre, Sceptre, Mitsubishi .. and virtually all other LED, LCD and Plasma TV’s with 26, 32, 37, 40, 42, 46, 47, 50, 52, 55, 60 and 65 inch screen diagonal.

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VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light Monitor Screen Protector Panel has been developed for people who spend many hours in front of their PC monitors. The product has several coatings’ layers that ensure blue light reduction, anti-flicker, scratch and crack resistance. The VizoBlueX Protector maintains the crystal clear picture of your PC monitor as it doesn’t distort or change any colors of the picture. Blue light is found in all products which use LED light such as PCs, Cell Phones, Tablets, Game machines and TVs. Blue light possesses the most energy among all types of visible light. Therefore, when blue light reaches the retina it damages it and causes many eye problems. Prolonged exposure to blue light leads to dry eyes, eye strain and fatigue. It can even cause serious eye diseases such as cataract, macular degeneration and myopia. Blue light impacts not only the eyes but it also may trigger skin diseases and reduce your work productivity. Numerous studies have confirmed blue light reduces the hormone melatonin which in its turn deteriorates your sleeping quality. Low melatonin levels and not enough sleep make you more vulnerable to depression as well. By changing your melatonin levels and sleep patterns, blue light can also impact on hunger hormones, thus increasing the risk of obesity. DOES NOT work with touchscreens. Dry erase markers can be used on the blue light filter. Protector covers the frame and is larger than the screen. Please measure the diagonal of your screen (without the frame) or look at your screen manufacture diagonal size in inches. Although, 100% transparent and clear, due to the filters in the lens the protector may be tinted and requires that the user increases the screen brightness by up to 15%. NOT for laptops – only for monitors.  

Intended use variation:

1. PC monitor: use the protector for your PC monitor so that it will protect your eyes from the anti-blue light emissions and prevents scratches, fingerprints and damages to your monitor.

2. Commercial: use in institutional setting Hotels, Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Conference centers, Meeting rooms, etc. In addition, TVs that are on all the time (or long periods of time), TVs on stands that are being moved around, industrial environment etc.    

Immediate order processing (within 24h); delivery takes between 1 and 6 days. Streamlined shipping process ensures that all Vizomax TV screen protector orders are shipped immediately. Shipping TV screen protectors is typically expensive since the package of a large size TV screen protector can exceed certain parameters and trigger additional large package handling charges. All shipments are tracked and tracking number is emailed to the TV screen protector purchaser after checkout.

This product is under patent protection. VizoBlueX is one that sets the standards for quality and elegant appearance in the US. If you need legal patent information about the attachable VizoBlueX computer monitor filter and the VizoBlueX brand please contact www.vizomax.com.


· The Best Anti Blue-Light optical grade product. Blocks Harmful Bluelight between 480nm~390nm

· 100% Multi-Layer protection - Elimination of Hazardous UV spectrum and Blocking Harmful HEV light

· Prevent eye strain, CVS, chronic injuries to the eyes, eye fatigue, soreness and more serious eye related conditions

· Prevent damage scratches and fingerprints to your display  

· Maintain the full visible Colors of your LCD or LED Monitor. Easy installation

· Improve sleeping patterns

VizoBlueX anti-blue light filter for computer monitor is tested to eliminate 100% of the UV light; up to 99.6% of the most harmful High Energy Blue light (390 to 420nm) and 60% from the entire HRV spectrum between 480nm~390nm.

· 5 minutes Installation (Manual included)

When you are exposed to too much blue light from your TV screen or computer monitor  this leads to imbalanced melatonin levels which trigger sleep disorders, eye strain and fatigue.

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Product Type:

19-20 inch Computer Monitor Screen Protector


1/8 inch  - ultra reinforced - light weight 

Digital Television Certification:


Measure your TV screen to ensure purchasing the right size TV screen protector




Diagonal Size:

19-20 inch - widescreen


17.3 X 10.8 inch

Image Aspect Ratio:


Viewing Angle:

 178 degrees


500 cd/m2

UV Filter:


Color Transparency Depth:

1.06 billion colors






Cell Casting/Extrusion


Custom reinforced optical-grade






Double Reclosable  


Cleanly Removable


Temporary detachable (snap ON/OFF)





Scratch resistance:


Impact resistance:

Heavy Duty

Shock Absorption:


UV Light blocking


Highest Energy Blue-Light 420 to 390 blocking


Entire Blue Light Spectrum 480 to 390 blocking


Visible Light Transmittance




Precise Fit 

Yes. Fits 19-20 inch computer monitors





Package Content:

1. VizoBlueX™ Anti-Blue Light screen protector fully assembled, ready to be installed on your computer monitor

2. Attachment pads

3. Microfiber cloth

4. Manual




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Origin of Components:

USA and/or Imported